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To find the collegewise results for National University, you can visit the National University Collegewise Result Portal at This portal provides access to the most recent collegewise results published by the university across various departments and programs, including honors 1st Year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th Year and Masters Final Year.

Usually, collegewise results are made available within 7 days from the result publication date of the individual result. to Find the result, Click on the below link of honors 1st Year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th Year and Masters Final Year, input college name/college code, Subject Name and Passing year.

Please click appropriate link to see college-wise result



Collegewise results are usually uploaded within one week of publication of individual result.


National University Collegewise result give a detailed information at how students in a specific college have performed on their exams. These results are grouped by the college, not individual students, making it easier to see the overall academic performance of students in a particular college within national university of Bangladesh.

Typically, collegewise results are made available for different academic programs and years, such as the first year, second year, third year, and fourth year of undergraduate programs, as well as for postgraduate or master’s programs. These results are useful for academic planning, resource allocation, and enhancing educational quality at both the college and university levels.

Honours Collegewise Result

Masters Collegewise Result

How to View National University
Collegewise Result

Unfortunately, the National University Collegewise result is only available at online. Students can easily check the college wise result by inputting the required information such as college code, subject name and passing year.

National University Collegewise Result from Online

  • 1. First, Visit the national University College Wise Result portal-
  • 2. Second, Click on the appropriate link of your desired result such as- Hons 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year or masters final year.
  • 3. Third Now input the required information, Select the College Name from the dropdown box or input the college code in the respective boxes, Type Passing Year and select subject Name.
  • 4. Fourth, After inputting all the information, click on the submit button
  • 5. Fifth, Now if the result is available, it will displayed the college wise result with college name, passing rate, failed students data and all students result.

Congratulation, You can now view the College Wise Result of National University of Bangladesh.

NU Collegewise Result Archive

The Collegewise Result System is an online portal by the National University of Bangladesh for colleges and students. It lets you see exam results for different courses like honours, degree, masters, and professional programs, but organized by each college. You just need to enter the college code, the type of program, and the exam year to get results. This makes it easy for both college staff and students to check how everyone did in exams, helping to understand how a college is performing overall. It’s a helpful tool for keeping track of academic success in a simple and organized way.

Result Years

Results are available since 2006 for Honours Program and 2007 for Masters Program published under the National University of Bangladesh.

Available Programs

Results of Honours and Masters Program are available here. You can directly visit nu result archive to view results.

Types of Exams

Results of Honours 1st Year, Honours 2nd Year, Honours 3rd Year, Honours 4th/Final Year, Master Final  for all Affliated College Under National University of Bangladesh are available here. You can directly visit Available Result Page to View the Result.