NU Result 2024- National University Result, Bangladesh

IF you are looking for NU Result 2024 for Honours/Degree/Masters or Professional Course, you came to the right place.The National University publishes results annually on its official website. Whether it’s for Honours, Degree, or Masters, accessing your result online or via SMS is straightforward.

This simple guides give you details instruction on where to check the result, how to search result from online or by SMS. This guide also publish the result publication date of the result, latest news and more.

National University Result

NU Result 2024

“NU Result” signifies the outcome of academic examinations conducted by the National University of Bangladesh, renowned for its diverse educational programs spanning undergraduate, postgraduate, and specialized professional courses.

These results hold significant importance for students enrolled in disciplines like Honours, Degree Pass courses, Masters, and professional programs. Accessible via, the official National University Results website provides students with comprehensive result-related information.

Typically, results for Honours, Degree, and Masters courses are released within three months, accessible online through the university’s website or via SMS. Students need their roll number, registration number, and passing year to view their results on the official publication website, nu ac bd result, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

National University Result 2024

The National University Result, known as “NU Result, represents exam outcomes from Bangladesh’s National University across programs like Honours, Degree, and Masters. Accessible via (now and, students enter their registration and exam roll numbers for NU Result 2024. Results include mark sheets, CGPA, and academic performance details. These releases are pivotal, reflecting students’ academic achievements and marking significant milestones in their educational journey.

At (now, you can access current and past results for Honours, Degree, and Masters courses. For the latest results, visit, where the most recent result and update is available.

How to view National University Result 2024

To view the National University (NU) Result for 2024, you have two options: using the online system or the SMS-based system. Here’s a detailed guide for both methods:

Online SystemSMS System
1. Visit the official National University website.1. Open your mobile phone’s messaging/SMS application.
2. Navigate to the “Result” tab.2. Compose a new SMS in the format: NU <space> Course Short Code <space> Registration or Roll.
3. Select your course and part.3. Send the SMS to 16222.
4. Enter your registration number and other required details.4. Example SMS format: NU H1 12345 (for Honours 1st Year roll number 12345).
5. Click “Submit” and view your result.5. Receive a reply SMS with your result. Standard SMS charges may apply.
National University Result checking System 2024

How to Check NU Result online?

To use the online system, firstly, visit the official National University website. Then, navigate to the “Result” tab where you can select your course and part. Following this, provide your registration number and any other necessary details. Upon submission, your result will be displayed on the screen, provided the information entered is accurate.

NU Result by SMS

Alternatively, for the SMS-based method, open your mobile phone’s messaging or SMS application. Compose a new message in the format “NU <space> Course Short Code <space> Registration or Roll” and send it to 16222. For instance, if you’re checking the result for Honours 1st Year with roll number 12345, the SMS should be formatted as “NU H1 12345”. After sending the SMS, await a reply containing your result. Please be aware that standard SMS charges may apply. It’s advisable to verify your result using both methods to ensure accuracy.

Exam NameCode
Hons 1st YearH1
Hons 2nd YearH2
Hons 3rd YearH3
Hons 4th YearH4
Masters PreliMP
Masters FinalMF
SMS Short code for National University Result

National University Marksheet Download

The National University Result 2024 marksheet is an essential document that offers comprehensive insights into your performance during the examinations. It provides a breakdown of your grades, subject-wise marks, and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). To access your marksheet, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to using your web browser.
  2. Choose Your Course: Select your course from the options provided. This could be Honours, Degree, or Master’s.
  3. Select the Year: Choose the academic year for which you want to check the result. This could be the year of your examination.
  4. Enter Your Registration Number: Input your unique Registration Number that was provided to you by the university.
  5. Enter Examination Year: Provide the year of your examination.
  6. Enter Security Key: Write the security key displayed on the screen. This ensures that you’re not a bot accessing the website.
  7. Search for Results: Click on the “Search Results” button to proceed.
  8. View Your Marksheet: Your NU Result marksheet will be displayed on the screen. It will contain detailed information such as:
    • Subject Name: Names of the subjects you took during the academic year.
    • Full Marks: Total marks allocated for each subject.
    • Obtained Marks: The marks you scored in each subject.
    • Grade Point: Individual grade points of each subject calculated based on marks obtained.
    • Letter Grade: Corresponding letter grade for each grade point.
    • CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average calculated by averaging the grade points of all subjects.
  9. Download and Print: Remember to download and print your marksheet for your personal records and for any future academic or professional requirements.

This step-by-step guide ensures you access your NU Result 2024 marksheet with ease, providing comprehensive details about your performance in the examinations.

National University Grading System

The National University (NU) of Bangladesh employs a grading system to evaluate students’ academic performance, which includes both Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). This system also incorporates a division scale to categorize students’ achievements. The following table illustrates the NU grading system:

Percentage RangeGrade PointLetter GradeDivision
80% or above4.00A+1st Division
75% to 79%3.75A1st Division
70% to 74%3.50A-1st Division
65% to 69%3.25B+1st Division
60% to 64%3.00B1st Division
55% to 59%2.75B-2nd Division
50% to 54%2.50C+2nd Division
45% to 49%2.25C2nd Division
40% to 44%2.00D3rd Division
0 to 39%0.00FFail

In this system, a GPA of 4.00 is assigned for a percentage score of 80% or above, denoted by the letter grade A+. Conversely, a score below 40% results in a GPA of 0.00, indicating a fail grade. The division scale further categorizes students’ performance into 1st Division, 2nd Division, and 3rd Division based on their GPA.

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